Created by the Van Gogh Museum, the world’s leading authority on Vincent van Gogh

The official Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience

Embark on an unforgettable journey into Vincent van Gogh’s world. The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam proudly presents the official Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience. Inspired by the Van Gogh Museum’s unique collection of Vincent van Gogh’s letters, this award-winning blockbuster exhibition tells the story of Vincent’s life in his own words. The Experience immerses visitors in Van Gogh’s world with interactive installations, a fully-automated audio-guide and a compelling narrative.

Our Offer:

The Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience is an ideal solution for promoters in highly-populated areas, as it attracts both local residents and inbound tourists of all ages. The Experience is best suited to high footfall locations, including:

  • Museum and exhibition spaces
  • Cultural heritage sites
  • Retail and leisure destinations
  • Temporary bespoke structures

The Experience accommodates upwards of 1000 visitors per day.

“I dream my painting and then I paint my dream.”

Vincent to his brother Theo, September 1888

The Experience

  • Blockbuster touring exhibition created by the Van Gogh Museum, the world’s leading authority on Vincent van Gogh.
  • Based on the Van Gogh Museum’s internationally recognized brand.
  • Flexible exhibition layouts sizes available to suit your venue and target market.
  • Automated audio-guide available in children and adults’ versions, translated to designated language(s).
  • Comprehensive Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam retail program.
  • Edutainment: strong educational focus on science, art history and art practice.
  • Best Immersive Touring Museum Exhibit- Thea Award Outstanding Achievement.

Target Groups:

The Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience has proven success across European and Asian markets. The Experience’s innovative techniques and storytelling attract:

  • Families looking for cultural experiences suitable for parents and children.
  • Digital nomads searching for innovative ways of interacting with art.
  • Inbound tourists interested in cultural and retail-based excursions.
  • Art novices and experts.
  • School groups studying art, art history or science.

Ideal Area Required:

1200 – 1500 m2
13.000 – 16.000 sq. ft.

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Van Gogh's Legacy

Over 100 years after his death, Vincent van Gogh lives on as a household name whose work and life story inspire people around the world. It is our mission to make Van Gogh’s life and work accessible to as wide-ranging an audience as possible, so that Vincent may continue to enrich and inspire. The revenues generated by Meet Vincent van Gogh directly contribute to the Van Gogh Museum’s efforts to secure Vincent van Gogh’s legacy for future generations.