Bringing Meet Vincent to Lisbon

UAU CEO Paulo Dias on Lisbon's rich cultural scene, UAU's history and what Meet Vincent will bring to the table.

The Van Gogh Museum’s award-winning blockbuster exhibition, the Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience, will soon arrive in Lisbon, Portugal. From Friday, 28 February 2020, the highly anticipated multi-sensory Experience will continue its world tour in the beloved historic area of Belém for Lisbon locals and tourists to deep-dive into Vincent van Gogh’s inspiring life story.

UAU Produtora

When it came to selecting a partner for Meet Vincent van Gogh’s first Portuguese tour stop, UAU Produtora was the natural choice. Created by its CEO, Paulo Dias, in October 1989, UAU is a highly specialised entertainment company with 30 years of experience in the design, production and management of international theatre, dance and music shows.

Paulo built UAU with the core mission of producing emotions. As an adolescent, Paulo travelled extensively. While visiting cultural hubs like London and New York, Paulo often asked himself why the shows dominating on Broadway and the West End weren’t touring Portugal.

“One night in New York,” says Paulo, “I waited outside the artist’s entrance to Stomp and asked the performers why they had never visited Portugal. Their response was simple: ‘because no one has ever invited us!’ So, I did. Now, they return to Portugal with UAU every two years.”


Since then, UAU has never stopped chasing the best cultural acts to enrich the Portuguese arts scene. In the early 2000s, Paulo formed a relationship with legendary director George Lucas, giving UAU the rare opportunity to design and manage the NASA and Star Wars international touring exhibitions. “Novelty, innovation, wide public appeal, high quality, family-friendliness and cultural and social relevance are the main factors I look for in a show,” says Paulo. “The Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience embodies all of these elements.”

“Novelty, innovation, wide public appeal, high quality, family-friendliness and cultural and social relevance are the main factors I look for in a show."

- Paulo Dias

Meet Vincent van Gogh Lisbon

Inspired by the Van Gogh Museum’s world-leading research and extensive collection of Vincent van Gogh’s personal letters, the Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience fulfils the Museum’s core mission of sharing Vincent’s story and works around the world to enrich and inspire people. Visitors of the Experience are not only taken on a journey in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh; they feel the wind in the wheat field where Vincent fatally wounded himself, touch the paint on his palette, stand in life-size reproductions of his paintings and listen to Vincent’s story unfold in his own words. Reflecting on the Experience’s upcoming Lisbon tour stop, General Manager of Meet Vincent van Gogh Arnold van de Water says he is honoured to be working with Paulo and his team. “Paulo is known internationally for making the impossible possible,” says Arnold. “From our first meeting, I knew that Paulo’s genuine love of all things theatre, music and art would be the foundation of a strong partnership between our two companies. His passion for what he does is visible in all of UAU’s projects, especially the restoration of Lisbon’s historic Tivoli Theatre.”

Team Building Fevereiro 2019

Meet Vincent van Gogh will join a lengthy list of blockbuster UAU shows. Paulo has no doubt that Meet Vincent will charm the tourist and local markets of Lisbon, as it did in Barcelona and Seoul. “Every day, Lisbon affirms itself as one of the most important touristic cities in Europe. We have more to offer than great weather and friendly people; we have a rich ancient history and a thriving cultural scene. Projects like the Experience are a highly relevant and attractive destination for the growing number of tourists who visit us each year.”

Over three months away from the Experience's opening, there has already been an enthusiastic response to Meet Vincent in Lisbon, with thousands of pre-sale tickets sold. Belém is one of the most popular areas of the city and highly sought-after as a venue for international productions. With UAU’s exceptional knowledge of the local market and Belém’s prestigious museums, panoramic views and the Presidential Gardens close by, Meet Vincent van Gogh will be the ideal addition to Lisbon’s vibrant cultural scene.

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