Meet the MVVG Team: Natascha Mansvelt

Meet Natascha Mansvelt: Project Coordinator, the Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience.

With over 20 years of experience at the Van Gogh Museum, Natascha has a long history of bringing the Museum’s innovative projects to life. Natascha began her career with the Museum as Shop Manager of the original Van Gogh Museum merchandise store on Museumplein. Over the years, Natascha has worked on a vast range of Van Gogh Museum Enterprises projects, and this spirit of ingenuity translates into her work on Meet Vincent van Gogh.

The role of Project Coordinator is incredibly varied and multifaceted. For example, in the early stages of the Experience’s development, one of Natascha’s responsibilities was coordinating the external suppliers of the interactive stations at the core of the Experience. Now, Natascha is not only behind the scenes coordinating our local partners, but she has also discovered a newfound love for the production process.

“There’s not just one thing that gets me excited about the production process. It’s the whole package- getting the team ready, creating customized layouts, organizing the logistics of transporting the exhibition set overseas."

“From day one we have a clear plan and everyone knows what their role is"

"Although load ins and load outs are never black and white, it’s an organic process that highlights each team member’s individual skillset and brings Meet Vincent to life.”

Natascha loves being on location. It’s a ‘work hard play hard’ mentality within the close-knit production team, although they always ensure that they eat breakfast and dinner together. “Having a strong sense of camaraderie is very important.”

When asked what inspires her most about working with Meet Vincent, Natascha’s answer is twofold. Firstly, the innovation of sharing Vincent van Gogh’s life story with international audiences beyond the Museum walls. Secondly, the diverse range of backgrounds and skillsets in the Meet Vincent production team. “Everyone brings their different DNA to the project, from set work to audio-visual to video experts. Combining their expertise and passions with the experiential content of the Experience is really exceptional.”