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Do I need to book in advance?

You don’t have to book tickets in advance (there will be a box office on site) although it’s recommended. Buying tickets online ensures that the exhibition isn’t sold out on the day of your visit. Prices are the same both online and offline.

How long does the visit last?

The visit will tak at least 60 minutes. We recommend a 90-minute visit time to fully enjoy the Experience, but there’s no need to rush- you can stay in the Experience for as long as you like.

What language is the audio guide in?

The audio guide is available in Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Corean and Mandarin.

Visiting Meet Vincent van Gogh

Touching the Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience

Visitors are encouraged to use and touch all elements of the Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience. However, please ensure that you treat all installations and set work, as well as your fellow visitors, with respect.

Eating and drinking

No food or drink is allowed inside the Experience.

Can I bring in my bag / luggage / baby stroller?

Small handbags are allowed inside the Experience. All oversized luggage (including baby strollers) must be left at the cloak room to avoid overcrowding. Each item left at the cloak room will have a cost.


If I bought a ticket online do I need to come in at the time shown on the ticket?

You can come to the exhibition at any point between the times shown on your ticket, not before or after. You can stay in the exhibition as long as you want.

How can I buy group tickets?

If you would like to purchase tickets for a group of more than 10 people, please contact us at: