Discover Van Gogh

A Van Gogh Experience in 400 – 600 m2

Discover Van Gogh

Discover van Gogh is a scalable exhibition for promoters in small to midsize areas. Discover contains the highlights of the full-size Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience without compromising on quality or storytelling. Discover is ideally suited to high footfall locations, including museum and exhibition sites and retail centers.

Our offer:

For exhibition and entertainment promoters in small to midsize areas, Discover van Gogh is:

  • An official Van Gogh Experience created by the world’s leading authority on Van Gogh.
  • Based on the Museum’s internationally recognized brand and iconic IP.
  • A fully-interactive exhibition that attracts a wide range of target groups.

Discover Van Gogh Includes:

Discover Van Gogh includes the highlights of the full-scale Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience:

  • Turnkey state-of-the-art exhibition set.
  • Comprehensive Van Gogh Museum retail program.
  • Interactive stations.
  • Complimentary and fully-automated audio-guide, available in both children (8-12) and adult (13+) versions.

Discover accommodates upwards of 400 visitors per day.

Target Audience:

An educational and entertaining experience, Discover van Gogh’s focus on art history and science attracts a wide range of target groups:

  • Families interested in ‘edutainment’ for children and adults.
  • School groups studying art, art history or science.
  • Seniors who are art experts or novices.
  • Digital nomads searching for interactive art experiences with friends.

Ideal Area Required:

400 – 600m2+.

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